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Coming from Adobe Max

I am very lucky this year to be able to attend Adobe Max in LA! Yesterday was the community summit where I got to meet a lot of the other community managers and ACPs.

I won’t be blogging till I get back to Australia but will be posting on twitter and photos on flickr.

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Testing out WordPress for android

Hello world

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Slides from webdu

Below is a link to my powerpoint presentation from webdu. Stay tuned for the code samples. I have something bigger in the planning, but due to my body not cooperating and falling sick, further updates will have to wait a few more days.


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webdu wrap up

This year webdu went too quickly! While we did many many things, it was very sad to say goodbye at head back to Brisbane.

Day 0

We were seen off at the airport by my friend and godson. It made the wait for the fog delayed flight a lot more enjoyable.

Having a few spare hours, we caught the train into Sydney city so that I could pick up a HTC desire phone as they were sold out in Brisbane. My new toy proved very popular and even sparked Mark Mandel to get his own. I love it so far but will post more about my thoughts in another post. We then caught the train and bus out to Bondi beach.

At 6:00pm we gathered for Code Wars. Our QLD team, the Tane Coders regathered for the 3rd year of the competition. We won the first year, but the ‘last minute blues’ NSW team beat us last year in the final. Interestingly the final this year was between us and them again and we walked away victorious. I’ll post the code and puzzles later.

Day 1

[notes for day 1 conference sessions coming soon]

Day 2

My session was against some other popular sessions this year, that I also would have loved to see. I still got a lovely audience and some contacts who have also been battling with Accessibility on the flash platform. I’ve been prompted to put the presentation etc into an adobe dev net article so I will be posting some code and getting some feedback in the next few weeks.

[notes for day 2 other conference sessions coming soon]

After the conference, the Adobe usergroup manager’s got together for dinner. It was fantastic to catch up with those who I rarely or never see in real life.

Day 3-4

After getting to bed at midnight Friday night, I started Saturday at 5:30am and then finished at 2:00am Sunday. We hit the beach at 9:00 for our surfing lesson. I was really happy to manage to stand on the board (for a very short time) within the first 10min of my lesson.

The usergroup managers then got together for lunch and a meeting. It was great to have everyone together and we have some exciting things planned for Australia and NZ for our usergroups.

After wrapping up our meeting at 6:00pm, I collected my poor Andrew who had been left alone all day, and headed off to the webdu afterparty. As always, it was fun to catch up with all the speakers and organisers.

We had about 4 hours sleep before packing up and heading home. I’ve had a nap but think I will sleep very well tonight!

Another amazing year at webdu and I look forward to doing it all again in the future!

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Photos from the Brisbane CS5 demo night

On Wednesday night the Brisbane Adobe designer and developer usergroup got together to drool over the new features of CS5. Some pictures as requested.

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