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Slides from webdu

Below is a link to my powerpoint presentation from webdu. Stay tuned for the code samples. I have something bigger in the planning, but due to my body not cooperating and falling sick, further updates will have to wait a … Continue reading

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I’m a developer and flash is in my toolbox

I’m an interactive developer and the main part of my job is to build interactive experiences that connect people with data. Like any builder, I use tools to do my job. Over many years, I have carefully chosen the tools … Continue reading

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XAMPP and skype

If you load skype before turning on your apache server, you will notice that it won’t load. Doing a port check shows that skype is listening on port 80. Two easy fixes: 1. Quit skype and load xammp and then … Continue reading

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Regular expression to find <? instead of <?php

So I was getting “Parse Error: syntax error, unexpected $end filename on line linenum” In a wordpress plugin. The file was working correctly on my live server but not on xampp and the line number was the last line of … Continue reading

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Handy info for staging wordpress sites

When setting up a wordpress site, I’ll usually develop it in a staging environment and then deploy it live. In the past i’ve been manually changing the database as per the instructions I found a couple of years ago. I … Continue reading

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Securing your swfs

I just came across an article on creating more secure swfs from adobe. P.S Unlike my personal blog, which has a decent amount of activity, this side of my blog has gone a bit unloved. The reason is that when … Continue reading

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