We don’t want zombies on the lawn

This is the embroidery program preview of what I think will be the first of many attempts to embroider the Sunflower from ‘Plants vs Zombies’

If you have not seen Plants Vs Zombies before, take a look at the music video…

Please note that the original artwork is part of Plants vs Zombies, and the copyright for it is held by PopCap Games. I will not be selling the design or anything created with the design.

TF2 embroidery preview

I’ve been playing with my embroidery design program over the last week to create some Team Fortress 2 badges.

This is a preview of them rendered by the program. I’m hoping to stitch them tomorrow to see where there are any errors and further improvements.

Please note that the original artwork is part of Team Fortress 2, and the copyright for it is held by Valve Corporation. I will not be selling the designs or anything created with the designs.

The demo man badge had actually been updated… The newer one was a bigger challenge to embroiderer, but here is my initial design attempt:

Congratulations Blitzers!

The blitzers guild received the honour of Guild wars guild of the week this week. It is nice to be honoured as guild of the week but the real rewards come from the friendship that I have from all my members around the world.

I joined the Blitzers back in January 2001. At that time we were playing a game called planeshift. When guild wars was released, Sty and I moved across with some of the other Blitzers members to create the Blitzers guild wars guild. I ended up as leader when the guy who was leader wanted to move on.

Its really a rewarding experience to have friends from around the world that I can relax and enjoy a game with.

Lego Star wars 2

After many months waiting for it to hit the shelves I got my copy of Lego Star wars 2. I was introduced to Lego star wars 1 by a friend at work who had bought it for his little sister. At first I thought it would be a fun kids game to play for a bit. It was suprisingly a lot of fun. Especially the fact that you play in co-op mode (2 people using the same keyboard) if you want to play with 2 people. Its a nice change to be sitting next to andrew squished together while we do battle instead of on opposite sides of the room.

Lego star wars is as much fun or even more fun then lego star wars 1. We played for 3 hours straight :) Some of the new features I like is that you actually construct things like bridges and even walkers. You can also ride around in some of the constructions and on various animals. I’m too tired to go through with all the fun features so you will just have to take my word for it and play it.

I also scored a free lego star wars keyring since I preorded it 😀