We are having a baby

Andrew and I are delighted to share our special news with the world. This morning we got to see our precious bundle of joy and receive the happy news that our little one is growing and healthy. With this news and the end of our 12th week of pregnancy, we finally have the chance to believe that we are really going to be holding our new member to our family in September.

Although we are extremely excited to have a new member of our family, we will be putting very little information and pictures up on this blog. We do enjoy reading our friends and families stories online, but like every parent we have to decide on what we choose for our own children. Andrew and I participate in many online communities and we choose the information we share with the world about our lives. We have decided to let our children also have that choice when they are old enough. We will be setting up a way to privately share photos and stories. Let us know if you would like to be included.

We’ve been extremely lucky due to our generous family and friends having already supplied our baby clothes, toys and essentials. While there lots of time before a baby shower and the birth itself is a long way off anyone else looking for gift ideas need only look so far as a good bookstore. We would love children’s books to add to our baby’s collection and we do also treasure hand made items from the heart.

Our thoughts and best wishes also go out to a few friends who are still trying to conceive. Our journey was long and we wish all those who are having trouble to one day experience the joy of this moment.

Author: Carly (Admin)

Geek, Sewer, Baker and soon to be mum. I enjoy learning and creating and are constantly filling my life with new challenges.

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  1. Congratulations Carly, I read this from Chad on linked in. Exciting times ahead for you both and the little one

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