TF2 embroidery preview

I’ve been playing with my embroidery design program over the last week to create some Team Fortress 2 badges.

This is a preview of them rendered by the program. I’m hoping to stitch them tomorrow to see where there are any errors and further improvements.

Please note that the original artwork is part of Team Fortress 2, and the copyright for it is held by Valve Corporation. I will not be selling the designs or anything created with the designs.

The demo man badge had actually been updated… The newer one was a bigger challenge to embroiderer, but here is my initial design attempt:

Author: Carly (Admin)

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1 thought on “TF2 embroidery preview”

  1. These are beautifully done.

    I’m part of a cosplay troupe and we have been looking for these exact designs to use for when we cosplay TF2. I have been trying to make them myself but unfortunately my designing skills are not nearly this good as I am just in the baby steps of learning how to digitize images.

    Glad to see that someone managed to make the designs.

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